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Spotify Unveils Wonderful Data Driven Billboards, Ads

image from cdn0.tnwcdn.comThe annual Spotify Wrapped billboard and ad campaign highlights unusual stats from the streamer's users. In an era when data privacy is a universal concern, Spotify is encouraging people to go public as part of an “Overshared” initiative that will feature the year-end stats of users that submit them.

350 unique ads make up the diverse campaign.

“In previous years we were building up the campaign,” Alex Bodman, Spotify’s global creative director told Wired. “This year, we’re treating it less like a campaign and more almost like an editorial platform, for us to come out with our totally distinctive voice and let people have a moment of celebration, laughter, and levity at the end of a long year.”

“We have these questions, and when we go in, the answers are always so much bigger, or stranger, or better than what we expected,” Bodman says.

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