Spotify, SoundGirls Launch ‘EQL Directory’ Global Database Of Women In Audio, Music Production

EQL DirectorySpotify and Soundgirls have partnered to launch The EQL Directory ,  global database of women working behind the scenes in music and audio. Any woman  can add their name and those looking to hire a more inclusive creative team can find professionals in their area.

The EQL Directory also includes resources like the Audio Engineering Society, Beatz By Girlz, Equalizer Project, female:pressure, Gender Amplified, Girls Make Beats, Instituto Criar, Secret Genius, shesaid.so, SoundGirls in Mexico,, The 7% Series, Upfront Producer Network and the Women’s Audio Mission.

SoundGirls is a nonprofit  founded by Keyes and Michelle Sabolchick Pettinato that is dedicated to expanding opportunities for girls and women in music.


“SoundGirls already had this global directory of women in audio and production, and we came together to help them make it more beautiful, more useful, and more visible within the industry,” says Kerry Steib, Spotify’s Director of Social Impact. “We know that increasing equity for women in these fields is a complex problem to solve. We have to work with great partners across the industry and come together to create solutions.”

“In order to make change, everyone has to agree there’s a problem to solve in the first place,” says Anna Ingler, co-founder of the Upfront Producer Network, which represents 100-plus female and gender-nonconforming producers in Sweden.

Learn more about the EQL Directory here.

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