Have you hit a wall with your ticket sales?

Feeling like your event’s reach has stagnated is undeniably frustrating. Flyers seem passé. You can only send so many emails. And social media can be a slog, especially if your team has other priorities.

So focus your energy on high impact marketing that also saves you time. As many high profile brands know, that silver bullet is Facebook Events.

Not sure where to start? Here are three ways you can take advantage of Facebook Events to drive attendance.

Sync your event to Facebook in an instant

It takes less than five minutes to link your event details with Facebook Events. If you use Eventbrite, you can post your event to Facebook fast with the Add to Facebookbutton. The integration automatically syncs your event details to Facebook — and allows attendees to purchase tickets without ever leaving the Facebook app.

You’ll save time long-term as well — if you have repeating events, they’ll be published to Facebook automatically. Those essential posts in the first hours after your tickets go on sale can be scheduled in advance, too. 

Once you’ve published your event to Facebook, users can buy tickets directly on the Facebook Event, without a redirect. This improves user experience – and leads to fewer drop-offs and abandoned orders. (Don’t worry — you can still collect essential customer info during checkout, like shipping addresses and waivers.)

In the words of Caroline Draper, Creative Projects Specialist at Stone Brewing: “This has had a major impact on our business — and the process is just as seamless for me as it is our customers.”

Expand your event’s reach with Facebook ads

2Once you’ve synced your event, don’t miss out on the potential rewards of Facebook ads. Facebook Events Ads allow you to either drive awareness of your event (with an “RSVP” action button to indicate “Interested” or “Going” to your event) or drive ticket sales (with a “Get Tickets” button). You can also customize your ad to target five different kinds of potential buyers. (For example, people who have clicked “Going” versus those who have clicked “Interested.”)

Setting these ads up only takes a few minutes, since they automatically pull your Facebook Event’s image and description. And if someone clicks “Get Tickets” on your ads, they can buy the ticket directly on Facebook, without ever leaving the platform.

In the words of Craig Hammill, Founder of Secret Movie Club:  “Before Eventbrite and Facebook, I was really bootstrapping it. The business was plateauing, but it really took off when we started using Eventbrite and Facebook.”

Use data from Facebook sales to makes your next steps clear

For any savvy event marketer, quality analytics are just the thing to make your heart beat faster. Once your events are synced with Facebook, you can check your Eventbrite analytics tool to easily see how many of your sales come from Facebook.

With this crucial information at your fingertips,  you can choose where to focus your marketing efforts in the future with confidence.

In the words of Jonah Holland , PR & Marketing Coordinator at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden “Reaching a new and younger audience was one of our goals for this event and Eventbrite’s integration with Facebook helped us do that. We’ve continued with this strategy for following events and have seen huge success.”

Take advantage now

Marketing today is all about reaching the customer where they’re at – whether that’s on mobile, desktop, or through good word of mouth. Publishing your Eventbrite event to Facebook allows you to take advantage of this trend in just a few easy steps.


There’s no excuse not to modernize your marketing – not when your ticket sales are on the line. Take five minutes and publish your Eventbrite to Facebook now.


Sophie Vaccaro is a Bay Area native, snake enthusiast, and live music lover Sophia writes fantasy books for young adults and blogs for Eventbrite. So far there has not been much crossover, but only time will tell.