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YouTube Paid Music Industry $1.8B In Past Year

YOUTUBE $YouTube paid the music industry $1.8 billion in advertising revenue from October 2017 to September 2018, according to Google.  YouTube has paid the music industry $6 billion since launch.

Google and YouTube say that they have invested $100 million to build and staff the Content ID system which underpins YouTube's copyright protection and payment efforts. The news came in a new Google report "How Google Fights Piracy."

Other findings from this year's Google Piracy report:

  • $3 billion+: The amount YouTube has paid to rights holders who have monetized use of their content in other videos through Content ID.
  • $100 million+: The amountYouTube invested in building Content ID, including staffing and computing resources.
  • 3 billion+: The number of URLs that were removed from Search for infringing copyright since launching a submission tool for copyright owners and their agents.
  • 10 million+The number of ads that were disapproved by Google in 2017 that were suspected of copyright infringement or that linked to infringing sites.


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