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How One Beat Is Killing Country Music [VIDEO]

image from cdn.pixabay.comCountry music has been taken over by snap and click tracks, says music journalist Grady Smith; and it is doing the genre a disservice. "Keep in mind," says Smith "I like a handful of these songs, but the pervasiveness of this exact same beat is suffocating."

Grady Smith says he's JUST "trying to think about country music without being a jerk," and his Grady Smith On Country YouTube series is a must-subscribe if you care about country or Americana music.

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  1. As a real live drummer, this whole ‘snap beat’ thing makes me want to puke. It’s soooooooooo boring and unimaginative. 10 years from now, nobody will want to listen to these songs because of the beat, just like those 80’s songs with the dated Simmons ‘pew pew’ drum sounds.


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