How To Have A Long And Successful Career In Music

2Making a career in the music industry is no easy task, (just getting people to listen to your music in the first place is hard enough), but developing a sustainable career is even harder. That said, it is doable with the right strategy.


Guest post by Martina Sanchez 

The world of music is a fickle one and forging a career in it can be tough going. From the initial work of getting people to listen to you, to the ongoing challenge of selling enough copies to keep you afloat financially, it’s not an easy path to tread.

However, there are some insider tricks that will help you to start on that path. We take a look at some of the hacks used by successful musicians.

Know Your Audience

Finding like-minded people is essential in the music industry. Look for people who will love your music, just like you do. Identifying your key demographic will help you to create music to their tastes and to market your product more accurately.

There must be something about you that your audience can relate to besides your music. Consider yourself a brand and push to get that brand on the lips of everyone in your chosen audience.

Promote Your Music Online

Once you’ve identified your audience, the next step is to figure out which online social media platforms they hang out on.  It’s these channels you must promote yourself on. There’s very little point spending time and money on other channels that won’t attract any new listeners.

One of the bigger name platforms to concentrate on is Spotify. If you’re going to spend money on any advertising, then this is the download site you want to use. Its growing audience is always looking for the latest trending band and that could be yours.

Don’t Forget About Offline Too

But good old-fashioned legwork will always pay off too. Drop round copies of your music at local radio stations, studios and producers.

Make sure you follow-up any initial contact with a phone call or visit in person. Persistence will pay off eventually.  Talk to your local newspaper or national music magazines about reviewing your work. Remember to only bother with magazines that reflect your musical genre.

Make sure that they get to know the face behind the music; you are as much a part of your brand as your sounds.

4Prepare For Failure

The road to long-term musical success is long and there will be plenty of bumps along the road and they are just that, bumps. There will be setbacks and times when failure seems to be the only result but the key to longevity is continuing to move forward and not to become stagnant.

James Manning, an author at Lastminutewriting and Reseachpapersuk, said: “Failure is always disappointing but the key to overcoming it is forcing yourself forward on the journey. Take the times when things don’t go to plan and learn from them rather than becoming completely disillusioned.”

Play Live, A lot

It doesn’t matter where or when, there’s no exposure like word-of-mouth from the live scene. If other people are creating a buzz about you, then it won’t be long before an A&R executive is going to show up and see what all the fuss is about.

Sarah Milligan, a chief editor at Draftbeyond and Writinity, said: “From busking to giant festivals, make playing live your bread and butter. Long termers in the music industry are the ones who will play live whenever and wherever and have a reputation for delivering to the crowd.”

The music industry might be a tough nut to crack but a dose of determination and courage, plus your skill and passion for the art, will help you ensure you have a long and successful career doing what you love most.

Entrepreneur and content marketing specialist, Martina Sanchez works at Lucky Assignments and Gum Essays. She greatly enjoys her article writing and blog, which she is constantly updating. Visit Martina’s blog for the latest tips and tricks on digital marketing and SEO content.

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