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Judge Confirms $5M ‘Blurred Lines’ Judgement Against Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams

Gavel-clipart-gavel_bwJudge John A. Kronstadt has confirmed the nearly $5 million judgement against Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams and Williams' More Water From Nazareth Publishing company. 

The judgement ends the much publicized copyright case brought by the estate of Marvin Gaye over the origins of the smash hit "Blurred Lines" and its similarities to Gaye's own hit "Got to Give It Up."

Thicke, Williams and his music publishing company are required to pay Gaye's estate $2,848,846.50 in damages. Thicke must also  pay an additional $1,768,191.88. Williams and his publishing company must also pay $357,630.96. 

The total award is $4,983,766.85.

The Gaye family will also recieve 50% of all future "Blurred Lines" songwriter and publishing revenue.

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