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PresskitTO Disappears Without Notice Leaving Many Musicians Without Promo

image from res-2.cloudinary.comDigital press kit service presskit.to has gone offline without warning, leaving hundreds, if not thousands of artists and marketers without access to their promotional material.

Presskit.to, which launched in 2012, has been offline for almost three weeks. 

The demise of the digital press kit service came without warning or any announcement to users. Attempts to visit the site by artists, music marketers and others to access press kits they have used for years nets only a "This site can’t be reached" error message.

"I used presskit.to for singer/songwriter Jake Allen. It gave us a beautiful 'templateized’ B2B website to put the press release, bio, images and videos that we could send to press, venues etc," says music marketer Jay Gilbert of Label Logic and the Music Biz Weekly podcast. "We were surprised and disappointed to find that the service had simply disappeared. We received no notice and couldn’t find anything online."

Repeated attempts to contact anyone once related to the presskit.to have gone unanswered.

Presskit.to co-founders Ben Maitland-Lewis and Chris Cave and former CTO Douglas Rogers are now among the co-founders of  professional photography services startup PrettyInstant.  But inquiries made via that company and on social media went unanswered.  

A phone number once associated with presskit.to has been disconnected.