Soundcloud Artist Services Team Offers 5 Tips To Jump-Start Your Music Career In 2019

image from openclipart.orgSoundcloud sees the most new music uploads during this January. So since it's the time for creators to refocus on growing and building their careers, Soundcloud's artist and label services team it offering its top 5 tips to“break through the noise" and kick-start a music career in 2019.



1. Get Inspired, Get Motivated

Getting out of a creative slump and back on track can feel more difficult than it is. We’ve heard from creators that motivation is one of the biggest barriers to continuing to move forward with building their career. One of the best ways to find inspiration is to discover new music and audio, and uncover new creators and collaborators to help bring to life ideas for your next project. 

2- Consistency is Key

Once you’re back in your groove, maintain the momentum by setting an upload schedule. Every streaming platform has its own unique algorithms, and the more you upload and share, the more exposure you could receive. Also make sure all of your social profiles are linked correctly so that you’re accessible and discoverable to as broad of an audience as possible. Bonus tip - Friday’s are typically the best day to upload, since many listeners are looking for new music as they gear up for the weekend!

3 Be YOUnique

Be sure to promote and market yourself in authentic ways. Social channels play an important role in making sure you're not only connecting with your current followers but that you’re also finding your next fan. Engage with your audience by sharing track previews and teasers, behind-the-scenes content of your creative process, and even tips for other creators to try. By taking your audience along your journey, you may even become a source of inspiration yourself!

4. Build a Network to Feed your Creative Process

Feedback is such an important part of the creative process, and turning to your community is the easiest way to collaborate on your tracks. As the largest creator community, SoundCloud offers tools like commenting, messaging and private track sharing to gain and get feedback directly and instantly. Establishing a support network of like-minded peers will help to get you excited about taking your next step.

5. Know Your Audience and Branch Out

Creators need to find the right mix of tools and resources to help build and grow their career, from the right instruments and equipment, to informative data and insights. For example, SoundCloud Pro offers creators deep insights and stats to understand who their fans are, where they’re listening from and what they’re listening to. Leverage these stats to help you find your “secret sauce” for success.

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