The Marketing Genius Of Indie Artist Heart Attack Man and What It Can Teach Others

1For artists, marketing music online has become a challenge. Traditional promotion avenues like blogs no longer provide the same opportunities, and so smart bands like Heart Attack Man are producing better, more interesting content to grab fan attention.


Guest post from Haulix Daily

Music marketing has changed. Not long ago, artists hoping to stand out would turn to blogs with strong followings to premiere music and share insight into their records. That approach still works today, but with more artists and blogs than ever before, the return for any one piece of content has dramatically been reduced.

These days, artists hoping to make themselves known in a crowded genre need to be more creative than their peers, and that task extends beyond songwriting. Artists today also need to be producing engaging content, primarily social media updates, that generate interest in their music that extends beyond their follower content. That is because going “viral,” if you will, can do more to help someone grow their audience than any premiere or song release.

In 2018, one group making better content — and songs —  than practically anyone else in the alternative space is Triple Crown Records’ group Heart Attack Man. Take a listen to their music:

Hailing from Cleveland, Heart Attack Man consists of four young men whose presence on Twitter and other platforms has helped to catapult their unique take on rock and roll into the hearts of music fans and industry influencers around the world. Through clever videos and self-criticizing memes, the band has managed to develop a reputation for creativity that has encouraged many (including this author) to check out their music. Here’s one example of their social media presence, which was used to promote a recent show in Ohio:

At the time of publication, the video above has over 52,000 views (original tweet). The band only has roughly 3,300 followers on Twitter.

Heart Attack Man creates a lot of great content that isn’t meant to sell anything as well. Here’s one example, which takes aim at the repetitive nature of ‘music journalists’ in 2018:

That video has nearly 8,000 views (original tweet).

Heart Attack Man does not post a new video every day, but they are continually adding new content to their social pages that have the potential for widespread engagement. By making light of the industry as they know and experience it, the band is bringing people into their world and allowing them to join the unpredictable nature of working in music.

The catch to all of this is that you cannot duplicate what Heart Attack Man is doing and expect the same results. The reason these videos, as well as their other content, works for them is because it’s developed from their personal experiences. There is an authenticity to their creativity that we, as an audience, recognize without thinking about it. The only way to find similar success in your career is to develop marketing materials that are equally authentic. Use your experiences, thoughts, and opinions to shape the way people engage with you on a day to day basis. If they relate, the chance they check out your music will be great. If they don’t, who cares! There are plenty of potential fans out there.

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