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Deezer Has 14 Million Users, 7 Million Paid

DeezerDeezer has shared that it ended 2018 with 14 million active monthly users, of which 7 million are paying subscribers. About half of its paid users are in the music streamer's home country of France.

“Four years ago, 80% of the revenue was telco-driven, of which the majority was coming from France. Now 75% of the revenues are coming from self-pay subscribers, and France is less than 50% of revenues. It’s quite a dramatic shift,” Deezer CEO Hans-Holger Albrecht told Music Ally.

“We have around 14 million monthly active users, and we have more than seven million payers, so we have a good ratio of paying subscribers [to free listeners]," he continued. "And we are touching $400m in revenues this year, including growing fast on the direct-customer side. The numbers are quite solid, and we are going to see what the MENA region adds next year.”