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Spotify Adds Car View: Helpful But Not Voice Control

Spotify newSpotify is rolling out 'Car View,' a simplified larger print view designed to make it easier for users to control basic functions while driving. The feature is rolling out slowly Android devices. No word yet on when it will be added to the iOS app.

"The text of the track title and artists are larger, there’s no album art to distract users, and all of the buttons are huge," writes 9to5Google who first uncovered the update. "Notably, though, a lot of functionality from the standard Now Playing screen simply isn’t available. You can only skip tracks, play/pause, shuffle, or favorite tracks."

Nice But Far From Voice Control

Spotify 'Car mode' still leave the streamer behind several competitors when its comes to safe control while driving.  On Tuesday, Pandora added in-app voice control for all users and Amazon Music launched similar voice features last year. Waze and many voice control apps also offers solutions for streaming while driving. 

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