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10M Watch Groundbreaking 10 Minute Marshmello Fortnite Set [VIDEO]

image from pbs.twimg.comMore than 10 million gamers played Fortnite on Saturday so they could attend a 10 minute DJ set by Marshmello, with millions more watching streams online. While not the first in-game live show, the concert broke ground in other ways.

The evening was not so much a concert for Marshmello fans, as it was an event for Fortnite gamers. 

It was also a major merchandising bonanza for both the artist and the gaming company. Fortnite players could buy a Marshmello skin for 1,500 V-Bucks  (about $15.00) as well as special Fornite dance emotes.

No details of the split between Marshmello and Fortnite have been released. But the massive audience hints at the income potential for artists on a platform that has been criticized for not compensating for music played during gaming sessions.


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