3 Weeks After PledgeMusic Suspended Campaigns, Hundreds Of Artists Still Unpaid

PledgeMusicOn Wednesday February 6th, PledgeMusic sent an email to all artists with active crowdfunding campaigns suspending them immediately.  The move same after months of late payments and non-payments to artists. Three weeks later, all campaigns remain suspended and hundreds of artist's left unpaid.

Pledge closed

The crowdfunding platforms last update, which contained no new information was on February 15th and since then it's social media channels have been silent. as well.

In recent days, we have not been able to confirm that any artists are receiving payments from PledgeMusic. Attempts to contribute to multiple campaigns this morning continued to result in a pop-up reading:

"Dear Fans, Unfortunately PledgeMusic has suspended pledges on all active campaigns and will look to resume them shortly. Thanks for your patience."


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