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Next Big Sound Adds Pandora Streams To Audience Map: Know Where Your Fans Are

image from cdn-images-1.medium.comPandora owned analytics platform Next Big Sound has improved its Audience Map with adding an important metric – where an artist's Pandora streams are coming from.

Launched last last November, the chart had previously only highlighted the areas where an artist received Pandora Artist Station Adds over the last 28 days.

Station Adds for the last 28 days show growth in an artist's more dedicated fans. Here’s the map of the Artist Station Adds of Yung Booke, an up-and-coming rapper from Atlanta.

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But here is the new all streams map for Yung Booke,

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From Pandora: "Although Yung Booke’s fan base is overwhelmingly local to his hometown of Atlanta, Pandora is still surfacing Yung Booke’s music to listeners all across the country. In fact, Atlanta isn’t even the top location for Yung Booke’s streams — he is actually seeing more streams in places like Oakland, Memphis, Miami, and Dallas."

How Can Artists and Marketers Use The New Chart?

"We’ve seen artists and their teams make use of their geographic data in a variety of different ways, ranging from routing their tours to assessing the effectiveness of radio or press campaigns. With more geographic data and a deeper understanding of why both of these metrics are significant, you’ll have more context to analyze your data and drive creative campaigns (both on and off platform) going forward. If you haven’t already acquainted yourself with Pandora’s Artist Audio Messaging feature, setting up geo-targeted AAMs for tour dates could be a great start."


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