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Spotify India Price To Be Just $2 A Month, Labels Delay Launch [REPORT]

Spotify newAs we reported yesterday, Spotify's launch in India has been delayed because the streamer has been unable to close deals with at least two of the major label groups. Now we may have a hint as to why Universal and Sony have not yet signed on.

The status of a Spotify and Warner Music Group deal for India is unclear.

Apple Music, Gaana, Google Play Music and JioSaavn are already established players in India. The biggest local streamer, JioSaavn, charges about $3.00 USD per month.  But a report from journalist Sahil Bhallamm, being quoted widely in local media, puts Spotify's price in India at just 14 RPS or $1.96.

All three major labels are renegotiating their deals with Spotify in 2019, and are said to be pushing the streamer to increase per subscriber revenue. While the labels understand that Spotify must price subscriptions based on local market conditions, $1.96 a month in a country of 1.34 billion people may be a bridge too far.

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