Tips For Writing A Music Business Resume

1When arming up for a job hunt in the music industry, having a carefully crafted, professional, and engaging resume at the ready is essential to even landing and interview. Here we look at five of the best practices to implement when putting together a killer resume.


In this new post to MusicThinkTank, Chloe Bennet shares a set of top notch tips for music industry job seekers on how to put together the perfect resume for finding success in the biz.

"Showing your employer your flexibility is a really important step towards securing that  position. Music industry requires you to fill a whole range of roles in your clients’ lives. You can be expected to be able to do pretty much anything, from admin and HR work to fashion and media management. It is important that your ability in a multitude of roles shines through in your resume. Getting a potential employer to see how diverse your expertise is, and to what extent you can handle a multi-faceted roll, is a great way to get your application to stand out above others and earn you an interview."

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