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Apple Music Is Only Major Streamer Not Trying To Cut Songwriter Royalties

image from cdn.macrumors.comSpotify, Pandora, Google and Amazon are appealing the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board ruling that would increase streaming payouts to songwriters by 44%. Notably absent from the list of music tech giants is Apple Music.

Under this CRB ruling, streaming services will be required to pay songwriters and publishers 15.1% of revenue, up from 10.5%.

Apple Music are not appealing the ruling, according to multiple sources. While they too will benefit if the appeal results lower royalties, Apple's decision to accept the new rates provides and artist and publisher friendly contrast to its competitors. Last week Spotify angered many in the music publishing by launching in India without a licence from WMG's Warner/Chappel Music publising arm.

David Israelite, CEO of the National Music Publishers’ Association, called Spotify, Pandora, Google and Amazon "bullies" for appealing the CRB decision, but praised Apple as a friend of songwriters:

“We thank Apple Music for accepting the CRB decision and continuing to be a friend to songwriters. While Spotify and Amazon surely hope this will play out in a quiet appellate courtroom, every songwriter and every fan of music should stand up and take notice.”


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