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Article 13 Copyright Directive Is Approved Ending Safe Harbor For YouTube

EU flagThe European Union gave its final approval to the Article 11 and 13 Copyright Directive designed to update copyright law in Europe for the online age. Members of the European Parliament voted 348 in favor and 274 against.

Google, YouTube and others in tech say that the rule, which requires a much more stringent policing of infringing content, will limit user generated content stifle creativity.  Most major music and media companies strongly disagree and support the legislation.

After the vote, Frances Moore, CEO on major label trade group, the IFPI, commented:“

We thank lawmakers for their efforts in navigating a complex environment to pass a Directive with noteworthy implications for the content community.  This world-first legislation confirms that User-Upload Content platforms perform an act of communication to the public and must either seek authorisation from rightsholders or ensure no unauthorized content is available on their platforms. The Directive also includes a ‘stay down’ provision requiring platforms to keep unlicensed content down – another global first.

“We now look forward to the implementation stage, where we will work with the EU’s Member States to ensure the Directive is transposed into national law in a manner fully consistent with its aim and key principles of European and international law.”

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  1. This is unacceptable. These fucking companies are trying to prevent freedom of speech. This will erupt into major problems throughout Europe with time. I cannot tell you how much I will miss my own Youtube channel. The channel shouldn’t use copyrighted content, but Youtube might be extra sure adn just delete it. Rip all of my Youtube videos, if Youtube fucking does this shit. I’m gonna make this a big deal, you will see…

  2. how does this affect freedom of speech? it will simply mean that your videos will have to have a license for the music you’re using as well and that its being monetized to pay for it if it’s aproved. it also means that artists and writers will actually recive payjment for their weork instead of being choked out of existence.

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