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Austin’s Prism Raises $2.2M For Live Music Booking And Management Software

PrismAustin-based music tech startup Prism has raised a $2.2 million seed round. Prism's software simplifies the booking and management of live music events. Last night, Prism hosted the Annual Music Tech Mashup and is hosting the SXSW Official Live Music Meet-up at Empire Control Room from 4-7PM on Wednesday, March 13th.

Investors in the round include Kip McClanahan, founder of Pershing and long-time Austin entrepreneur; Mario Fighali, chief operating officer and co-founder at Sparefoot; Bill Babel, co-founder of Capital Factory; and Jay Jensen, President of Clasen Quality Coatings. 

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In is first year, Prism's software has been adopted by over 100 promoters and 500 venues around the globe, including Disco Donnie Presents & React Presents (US), Brooklyn Bowl (NY), Ad Hoc (NY), PopGun Presents (NY), MOKB Presents (IL), Noise Pop (SF), McMenamin's (OR) andLaramir Lounge (CO).

Prism was founded by Austin venue owner and concert promoter Stephen Sternschein (Heard Presents, Empire Control Room and Garage, The Parish and Waterloo Music Festival), alongside tech entrepreneurs Matt Ford (Solstice Live, Solstice Festival, Spotlight.FM) and Adrian Tavares (Solstice Live, Solstice Fest, and Zappos).

"In my role as a venue owner and promoter, I tried every productivity tool out there to streamline our team's processes," says Sternschein. "While each offered a partial solution, I spent a ton of my time getting these systems to talk to each other, moving details from one system to the other at the right time so that my team could do their jobs effectively. Having data in a dozen different places created an accounting nightmare, making it difficult and time-consuming to generate actionable insights. The inefficiency in communicating details cost me time and money. This is why we built a Prism."

"Prism is the only end to end solution for live music organizers," says Matt Ford, chief executive officer at Prism. "Our investors have given us the momentum to reach more professionals who are ready to ditch inefficient processes and disconnected systems in favor of a streamlined, integrated solution that reduces their workload and helps them increase profitability. Our singular focus on removing the pain and friction from the talent buying and event organization process is key to our success."

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