Canadian Independent Music Association Gets $20M From Federal Government

Cima-1040w-1The Canadian Independent Music Association has been awarded $20 million the federal government over the next two years for the Canada Music Fund. The CMF has been a critical source of support over the years but had been underfunded and over-subscribed for the past decade.

“This funding increase is fantastic news for Canada’s commercial music industry. We are incredibly grateful to the Federal government and specifically our dedicated advocate, Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez, for showing their support of our industry. We are keen to continue to work closely with government to ensure that these dollars are invested in the most impactful way, such as providing additional support for sound recording, international export opportunities, promotion, marketing, touring and showcasing, and the domestic development of our great artists,” said Stuart Johnston, President of CIMA.

“We’re grateful to the Federal government for its deep commitment to Canada’s music industry, “said CIMA’s Board Chair Lisa Logutenkow, Vice-President Dine Alone Records/Bedlam Music Management. “Canada has always been known for its music, but it takes support and investment from entrepreneurs in all corners of the industry as well as programs like the Canada Music Fund, to make Canadian music internationally competitive. For my company, this investment could mean access to more resources to help our artists and company grow domestically and internationally. It helps us compete more aggressively in the digital world as borders become less relevant and every artist has a global plan.”

The Canada Music Fund (CMF) helps the Canadian music industry meet new challenges. A wide range of musicians and entrepreneurs who create, produce and market original and diverse Canadian music are eligible to apply.

The CMF is the primary tool implementing the three major objectives of the Canadian Sound Recording Policy, From Creators to Audience, which are:

  • to enhance access to a diverse range of Canadian music choices through existing and emerging media;
  • to increase the opportunities available for Canadian music artists and entrepreneurs to make a significant and lasting contribution to Canadian cultural expression; and
  • to ensure that Canadian music artists and entrepreneurs have the skills, know-how and tools to succeed in a global and digital environment.


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