How Do Indie Music Blogs, Radio Survive? The Harsh Reality

SurvivalIn the current music economy, many of the independent blogs and radio stations which launch have a difficult time staying afloat, but such small outfits are critical to the success of small artists when it comes to getting their music out in the world.


In this new post on MusicThinkTank, contributor Tracey Arbon explains the challenge which indie music blogs and radio station face in surviving, and why independent artists need to support them, as well as the other way around.

"It requires one person 17 times to see a product/artist/music (whatever it may be) before they actually click on an ad. Artists and businesses not only need to create trust with an audience, build their profiles and brands, but to constantly create engaging content that people can relate to. And even then, more often than not, this requires more time and cash."

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