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Woodstock 50 Lineup Leaks

image from celebrityaccess.comJay Z, Dead & Co., Chance the Rapper and the Black Keys are among the artists who will headline the upcoming Woodstock 50 music festival, according to a report in Variety.

While the headline has not been officially announced, a rep for the festival did not deny the report in Variety and pointed us to a quote provided by Festival co-founder Michael Lang to Rolling Stone, making the leak seem orchestrated

“We are thrilled with all the excitement about Woodstock 50, but we have an obligation to our fans, artists and partners, to do things the right way,” festival organizer Michael Lang said in an e-mailed statement to Rolling Stone “We are in the final stages of laying the groundwork and can’t wait to stage this once-in-a-lifetime event. We’ll be officially announcing the lineup and ticket on-sale soon, stay tuned!”

“It’ll be an eclectic bill,” Lang added. “It’ll be hip-hop and rock and some pop and some of the legacy bands from the original festival … I want it to be multi-generational. Woodstock ’94 was a nice mix of young and old and that’s kind of what we’re going for here.”

The unconfirmed lineup also included Jack White’s recently revamped Raconteurs, Imagine Dragons, Run the Jewels, Gary Clark Jr., Cage the Elephant, the Killers, Greta Van Fleet, Margo Price, Sturgill Simpson, Courtney Barnett, Portugal. The Man, Dawes, the Lumineers, Pussy Riot, Dorothy and Bishop Briggs are also on the bill, according to the Variety report.

The festival, which is planned to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the original Woodstock Music & Arts fair, has been slow to reveal a lineup and last week, sources purported to be close to the festival told Variety that many acts had still not received deposits.

The festival, which was first announced in January, is scheduled to take place from August 16th through 18th in Watkins Glen, New York.


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  1. Lange’s decision to go with Rap, Hip-Hop and modern Pop is a bad one. The original Woodstock’s vibe was, in current vernacular, “JAM BAND”. This sort of crowd eludes Peace & Love; I rather doubt some heavy-hitting Brooklyn rappers will exude much of that. And it it is to be expected that there will be a slew of giant screens everywhere exhorting the crowd to But Ford Tough Trucks! and who has the fastest internet speed.
    Bethel Woods will have the real, authentic vibe. The wise money is out west on Rt 17.

  2. yeah, nah my guy Jay-Z’s music as of late has been nothing but music dealing with the plight of black people in the US, shedding his past identity while dealing with his current infidelities, RTJ makes some of the best political rap this decade, and Chance is LITERALLY the walking Human embodiment of happiness, so to say they wouldn’t fit the Woodstock atmosphere shows how you don’t listen to the music and instead choose to assume
    But, yeah I doubt they won’t have GIANT Screens advertising EVERY sponsor

  3. Where are u2 the stones. Pearl
    Jam csny or Neil govt mule This is a horrible disappointment. Terrible. Peach fest mountain jam. Great blue heron music fest all better where is ziggy Marley. Good luck I was going to attend. Cause of dead and company Santana and plant. But reconsidering. Lang really dropped the ball

  4. We all knew back in 69 there could never be another Woorstock. I’m with you on the Rap and Hip-Hop need to take a back burner, I want Woodstock bands. Not attending, only good memories left and don’t need to tear them down!

  5. I’ve waited for years for this one event. I totally agree with dropping the ball. I am so disappointed. Of the bands I do find interesting I could only justify maybe a $100 ticket. But at $750 I just can’t see any worth in it. Jay-Z is a sellout and for that reason alone I’m not going. Could go to Cochella for that since they’ve cashed out. 69 was about the TOP artists of the day, so why bottom feed now? Just another swindle.

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