Yes Theory & Seeking Discomfort: What’s Your Jump?

2Here Jake Udell explores the marketing/self improvement phenomenon of Yes Theory, a group of content creators focused on showing celebrities and others working to live their fullest life by stepping out of their comfort zone.


Guest post by music manager Jake Udell from his blog, Art of Manager


The best things in life

are on the other side of your comfort zone.

This is the motto of Yes Theory.

You may have heard of them… Or maybe not. But you’ve definitely seen their activations from Justin Bieber’s fake burrito photo to challenging Will Smith to bungee jump out of a helicopter for his 50th birthday.

4This group of content creators and their 25 year old rockstar manager, Zack Honarvar, are masterful storytellers with a cohesive mission: they believe if you seek discomfort then you ultimately live the most fulfilling version of your life… So why not seek discomfort?

What would life be like to be comfortable being uncomfortable? 

When Will confirmed the jump, Yes Theory had just over half a million subscribers (and zero connections to Will).

Now, 3.5MM subscribe to the Yes Theory ideology via their YouTube channel.

While the Bieber and Will Smith activations are great as standalone content pieces, Yes Theory has done a phenomenal job of providing a platform for their fans to experience the journey alongside these hallmark moments. Here’s an example:

A month prior to Will Smith facing his heart-skipping-a-beat moment with his heli-jump, Yes Theory challenged their own community to look inside themselves and identify their jump the next day… And officially declare it by running one mile while videotaping themselves affirming “their jump” out loud.

Their mission: 24,901 submissions in 24 hours… Together, their fanbase would match Will’s courage by running the circumference of the earth.

They receive over 27,000 submissions… Which coincidentally matches the total number of 5 star ratings which turned their “backyard restaurant” into the highest rated restaurant in LA, until Google finally took it down.

The Yes Theory movement is so viral, there are Yes Theory pages popping up in every city across the globe where fans are creating content modeled to the mission of seeking your truth and growing the movement.

This is the level of virality that comes from making people FEEL SOMETHING! Inspire them… And they will not only witness, but create with you!

The Yes Theory name comes from the fact they believe yes is one of the most powerful words… It can change your life.

How will you challenge the status quo to lean into your deepest fears and create greatness?

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do and never done?

What’s your jump!

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