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YouTube Launches In India Priced 20% Under Spotify, With Licences From All 3 Majors

image from lh5.googleusercontent.comYouTube Music has launched in India just days after Spotify's controversial launch there. YouTube Music Premium subscriptions are priced at 99 rupee, or 20% lower than the 119 rupees / $1.67 per month that Spotify charges for similar Premium subscriptions in India. Add in ad-free YouTube videos and the price rises to 129 rupees.

Unlike Spotify, who launched without a licence with WMG's Warner/Chappell publishing arm, a spokesperson confirmed that YouTube has signed deal with all three majors.


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Apple Music is priced fractionally above Spotify in India.

Announcing the launch, Lyor Cohen, Global Head of Music, YouTube said, “India is where the multi-lingual music scene thrives. It’s interesting to note how Indian artists have consistently claimed top spots over the last few months in the Global YouTube Top Artists chart. With YouTube Music, we are hoping to bring the best in global and Indian music to millions of fans across India, and give them an immersive music experience, with the magic of music on YouTube.”

T. Jay Fowler, Director of Product, YouTube Music said, “We know that India loves watching music videos on YouTube — be it the vibrancy, choreography, stars and glamour. Music from India has always been so much more than just the audio. Therefore for us, with the launch of YouTube Music, all the emphasis is on the familiar and to make every user experience richer as they start using the service. From recommended music videos, live performances, covers, to new videos — it’s all here, and only here.”


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