15 Content Secrets To Boost Social Media Engagement

1With any social media posting, bands and artists are looking to generate interest and motivate users to subscribe/share the content with which they're interacting. So how can you ensure you're posting high quality content that engages users? Here, we look at fifteen secrets on boosting your social media presence.


Guest post by Josh Carlyle

The goal of any pages in social networks, both a personal page and a page\group of a brand, is to involve the user into communication, generate his interest, motivate to subscribe, like and share the post. These are components of social media engagement. How to boost social media engagement? Offer your subscribers only high-quality content!

Quality content leads to an increase in the number of subscribers, and accordingly, to the rise in sales.

What are the characteristics of high-quality content for social networks? Experts of custom essay writing service have identified such essential signs:

  • Solving of specific problems. Creating new content is subject to the primary goal – to find the answer to the questions of potential readers and provide a practical solution: fast, efficient and tangible.
  • An innovative approach. A new look at familiar things, extravagant solutions to complex issues and fundamentally different approaches to solving continuous problems is another difference between high-quality content for social network and poor writing.
  • An up to date information. Provides relevant information that is useful to the target audience and contributes to the solution of current problems. Specific examples reveal the potential benefits and ways to achieve the set result.
  • Semantic uniqueness. Undoubtedly, the high degree of originality of the texts contributes to the recognition of their quality. Content, which has not yet been replicated on the Internet, is notably recognized among search engines. The correct material contains new ideas, providing an opportunity for readers to discuss what they have written and shared their thoughts.
  • Deserving the confidence of readers. Readers like quality content. After all, it contains not only universal truths and textbook examples, but also emotional stories, amazing stories, robust analytics, and much more, deserving not only attention but also the trust of readers. For example, even if you are writing about artists, something like hot rumors, it is better to give preference to truthful and high-quality information, and once again think whether it is worth adding controversial information to a social network.
  • Concising name. A concise, clear and uncomplicated headline, revealing the topic and at the same time intriguing the reader, can to ensure the attention of the potential audience.
  • A specific purpose. The presence of a particular goal distinguishes high-quality content from ordinary texts devoid of creative content and semantic uniqueness.

Acquainted with the signs of quality content for social networks, you can begin to create it. Use these secrets of creating high-quality content for social networks:

  1. 3If there is nothing to write about, do not write. Determine what the new post will be about and whether it is needed at all. The original post about nothing is not required either by you or your subscribers.


  1. One post expresses one thought. Do not confuse the subscriber by putting several ideas in one post. You scatter his attention and lead away from the main purpose.


  1. Post size is 200-300 characters with spaces or 5-6 sentences. Do not write long posts, as they are more suitable for promoting a personal brand. Your task is to avoid hiding the material with the help of the button “Show completely”.


  1. Break the text into paragraphs. The passage will be easier to read if you leave a blank line between sections.


  1. Do not abuse emoji, hashtags, "!!", "!?!", etc. It is a bad taste.


  1. Use a different content type for each social network. To post the same thing on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram is a wrong way. Adapt your post to the tone of voice of different social networks.


  1. Each element of the post should be meaningful. No need to insert a buzzword or meme, just because it is mainstream. Use only those components that fit the topic of your post.


  1. Delete all unnecessary components. It is the best solution for making your text better.


  1. 2Sell. Texts for social networks lead to sales. Therefore, in posts (grocery, image or educational) tell about a unique sales offer, about the advantages of products, about how they help to solve this or that problem.


  1. Remember about CTA (call to action). In shoppable posts, be sure to add a call to action. Tell your subscribers directly what you want from them. Use the words “buy,” “subscribe,” “like,” “share,” etc.


  1. Remember that you write for people. Even if you are a brand and want to talk about yourself, it’s better not to talk about the product, but about the benefit that a person will receive by buying your product.


  1. Write easier. Remember what you write for social networks. Discard the lofty words and kilometer sentences. Write as if you were telling a product about your friend.


  1. Use emotions in posts. There is a conditional breakdown of the generation.

The most active today in social networks are Millennials. What is the difference millennials from other ages? They don't trust the business and do not perceive traditional advertising. They need a unique approach. They rely more on emotions and believe the same people like themselves.

  1. Be sincere. Remember that you need to win consumer confidence, and sincerity contributes to this. You should not write stories from the series “I fed the cat with Purina food, and two days later he became healthy, cool, beautiful and gained 2 kg.” Do not tell tales. Speak sincerely and truthfully.


  1. Discard the phrase phrases. For example: "We, a young promising team, offer our super-innovative product." Many words, but what they say, it is not clear. What kind of team, how is it different from the rest? A set of templates that do not reveal the essence of the proposal.

Josh Carlyle is a writing expert at Write my essay today, who is experienced in content management and copywriting. Working at Writing Guru, Josh is aware of the latest trends in the digital marketing industry as well as online business. He is always willing to share his knowledge and ideas with entrepreneurs and write for the blogs from the insights of a professional businessperson.    

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