Artist’s Guide To Networking As An Introvert

Startup-593341_960_720Being a gifted performer often has nothing whatsoever to do with how outgoing you are as a person, and in the music business, where networking is paramount, having an introverted personality can often seem like a liability when it comes to advancing your career. Luckily there are ways around this that can give you an edge.


In this latest piece from MusicThinkTank, contributor Johannes Ripkin shares some insights from Dorie Clark on how to effectively network in the music industry as an introvert.

"Dorie Clark recommends having a wingman with you. As advantages she mentions the fact that you give each other self-confidence and recommend each other and introduce yourself to other acquaintances. But there are also some dangers. Dorie Clark warns that you can be distracted by talking to your colleague.

Another danger I have often experienced is that the person does not always function as a wingman, but can also stick to me like wax if he does not have his own goals for the event or hides by my side."

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