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EU Gives Final Approval To Article 13 Copyright Directive, YouTube, Facebook Expected To Be Hit Hard

EU flagOn Monday morning, the EU Member States gave the Article 13 copyright directive the final green light, after months of contentious debate. Nineteen member countries voted yes, six voted against and three abstained.

The directive is expected to hit platforms based on user-generated content including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram hardest.

EU indie trade group IMPALA’s Executive Chair Helen Smith commented: 

"It was a long road and we would like to thank everyone who contributed to the discussion. As a result, we now have a balanced text that sets a precedent for the rest of the world to follow, by putting citizens and creators at the heart of the reform and introducing clear rules for online platforms. By adopting this landmark text, the EU has proved itself a leader in terms of delivering a fair, open and sustainable internet. This text clarifies the position of platforms, building on European case law. It is a first of its kind, and sets an example for other countries across the globe."

IMPALA says that it now focus on the implementation of the directive at national level. As well as clarifying the position of platforms, the directive includes provisions for performers and authors, which complement the WIN Digital Deals Declaration. A host of other reforms are also included such as a new right for newspaper publishers and new exceptions to allow text and data mining.

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