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It's Easier For New Artists To Gain Traction On Spotify says CEO Daniel Ek

image from s22295.pcdn.coArtist and music discovery on Spotify were among the topics covered during Monday's earnings call. With CEO Daniel Ek sharing some stats that show that the despite the fact that 40,000 new tracks are uploaded daily, more artists than ever are being discovered on the platform than ever before.

3.9 million artists now use Spotify For Artists to engage directly with fans and more artists are finding an audience on the streamer. Q1 2019 saw a 20% increase in the number of artists streamed on Spotify year-over-year and a 29% increase in the number of artists with at least 100,000 listeners.

"We believe this engagement from artists, labels and publishers shows a strong sign that there's an increased appetite for more marketplace tools and services, said Ek, "With more than 50 million tracks now available on Spotify and growing by close to 40,000 daily, the discover tools we're building has never been more important to consumers and artists alike."

Spotify newUnique Links & Personalization

Some of the increase came after the launch if Unique Links. This Spotify tool enables artists to share a customized URL that links to a playlist featuring their track(s) at the top of the playlist.

By also offering greater personalization of Editorial playlists, Spotify says they've increased the number of artists featured on playlists by 30% and the number of songs listeners are discovering by 35%.