Remix Hits Opens Stem Marketplace, Partners With Sony To Offer Iconic Songs

image from scontent-iad3-1.cdninstagram.comNashville based Remix Hits has launched a hit song stem marketplace offering producers iconic songs in the form of an affordable remix-focused ‘Kontakt’ stem instrument dubbed ReleaseTM.

The first wave of available song packs includes classic hits from Sony Music, including: TLC’s No Scrubs, The Outfield’s Your Love, The Guess Who’s ‘American Woman,’ Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown,’ and several more. Many more songs from a variety of genres and era are in the pipeline for release.

Users can visit Remixhits.com and purchase song packs, which will give them access to all of the isolated instrument tracks and vocals.

Legal Mix Distribution

At launch, producers can upload their creations to Remix Hits Label Services to get their music on SoundCloud and YouTube. Users can't upload on their own to YouTube, SoundCloud or other digital service provider, though they may repost to their social media from the Remix Hits channels, which have been whitelisted by Sony.

Remix Hits is currently negotiating with labels and publishers to facilitate the distribution of remixes through the other major digital service providers and allow music producers to share in the royalties generated by their remixes.

"We’re trying to show the music industry that our community will gladly support a sensible and legal remix model,” says CEO Sam Brooker. “We’ve been given a huge opportunity by forward-thinking artists, labels, and publishers who are willing to give this a try and we want to treat their content with respect.”

The Rules

Remix Hits is asking users to abide by the terms they’ve negotiated by releasing only through the channels outlined above. “We’re working very hard to open up more major distribution channels so that our users will soon be able to have their work on streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube, and more,” Brooker continues. “Remix Hits knows this is a very new territory for many, so music producers and rights holders should feel free to reach out with any questions if they are unsure of their rights.”

"For rights holders, we offer a new, mass licensing opportunity, a new revenue stream, and a secure, trackable release of their artists’ stems," says Brooker. "For music producers, we offer the legal hit content they want and cleared distribution channels for release. We are hopeful that our launch is going to encourage a remix movement that unites our music community.”

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