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Spotify Bans Entire ‘Blood on the Dance Floor’ Catalog

image from group Blood on the Dance Floor had their entire catalog pulled from Spotify, over alleged violations of the streaming service’s content policy. Blood on the Dance floor is under fire after MetalSucks and Huffington Post detailed allegations against frontman Dahvie Vanity (real name Jesus David Torres) from 21 women, who say they were forced to perform sexual acts by Torres, including several women who were minors at the time.

The allegations date back to 2007 before Torres formed Blood on the Dance Floor, and accuse Torres of everything from molestation to rape. A number of his former band members have also publicly accused him of inappropriate conduct with underaged women.

While police are reported to be investigating the allegations against him, at this time, Torres has not been charged with any crime.

However, Spotify told HuffPo that Blood on the Dance Floor’s music was not removed in connection with the allegations, but for violations of the streaming service’s policy against hate content as several of their songs contain lyrics which describe sexually humiliating or killing women.

Spotify has attempted to remove music for violations of its content policy in the past to mixed results. Last May, Spotify pulled music by R&B artist R. Kelly and the now-deceased Soundcloud rapper XXXTentacion from its playlists but were forced to walk the decision back amid backlash on social media and from the industry.

At the time, Spotify boss Daniel Ek noted that the company could have done a “better job” and was not attempting to police artists’ morals. They later dropped the controversial “hateful conduct” clause from their terms of service but left a provision on hate content in place.


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  1. Soo… there is no Slipknot, Manson, Black Metal, or else available on there platform? “Hate content”? People = shit? This is stupid.

  2. Yeah, its kinda weird. The whole Black metal genre is against religions and hating against them… why can you listen to them on this platform? and botdfs music is on this platform for years.

  3. Black Metal is not hate music. Its Worship 😉
    BOTDF is not music. He pops out songs on his computer like tic tacs and idiots flock to it. There is no art or pride behind it. It is fueled by greed for money.
    Black Metal is GREATNESS.

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