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The Maine, 8123, And Value Of Community Marketing [Video]

1While every band understands the importance of marketing, fewer of them know how to do so effectively. Not The Maine, however, an American rock band which divorced themselves from labels altogether and have instead maintained DIY success through the power of community marketing.


Guest post by James Shotwell of Haulix

An American rock band called The Maine has found a way to succeed that other artists should use to get ahead.

Marketing is everything in music today. Everyone knows this, but very few know how to make their marketing efforts stand out from the noise being created by their peers and the competition they have yet to know. Blogs like the one you’re reading now can help. We post a lot of articles about getting ahead and becoming known. The one thing we cannot teach, however, is the one thing everyone needs: Organic connection.

The Maine is an American rock band from Tempe, AZ. The group started their career as much groups do by working with labels, but the better part of the last decade they’ve been fully DIY. That decision has made all the difference in the trajectory of their career, and it has afforded them a unique opportunity to develop a thriving community around their music with those who love them the most. In the latest installment of our Music Biz 101 video series, we examine how The Maine got here, and why other artists should follow their lead.

The Maine will release their new album, You Are OK, on March 29. You can learn about the album by listening to our recent podcast with frontman John O’Callaghan below: