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TODAY IS RECORD STORE DAY 2019: Get off your computer, put down your phone and GO BUY SOMETHING!

RecordStoreDayLogoToday is Record Store Day 2019, with hundreds of independent record stores in the US and Europe celebrating a resurgence that many thought would never happen.

Thanks to vinyl, their survival skills and loyal music fans, these stores are experiencing a resurgence.But that will only continue if you turn off your computer, put your phone down and go buy something.  

You're trip to you local independent record store will be rewarded with special sales, exclusive merchandise and in store performances.

Find a participating record store, learn about special releases and more here.

Tweet a picture of what you bought and the action in the store using the hashtags 

#recordstoreday #recordstoreday2019 #StayIndie #indieproud

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