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Twitter Stock ↑15.7% Tues. On Strong Revenue Growth, Mixed Monthly User Stats


UPDATE: The last monthly user stats that Twitter says it will ever share showed a social media channel struggling to grow. Twitter added monthly users for the first time in a year – 330 million monthly users vs. 321 million in the previous quarter. But that's still lower than the 336 million in the same quarter last year.

Twitter had announced that they would no longer share monthly users stats. The company's new  preferred metric – monetizable daily active users – were 134 million in the quarter, up 11% over last year.

Twitter's 1st Quarter of 2019 Report showed revenue growth was strong at $787 million, up 18% over last year, with net income of $191 million and $0.25 earnings per share.

That was enough to send Twitter stock soaring, up 15.71% by the close of trading on Tuesday at $39.77 USD.


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