Unsigned And Social: Touring On A Shoestring Budget

Storm the Palace at the Tin Coventry by Steve WeirTouring is challenging enough, and doing so as an independent artist on a shoestring budget is even harder. That said, careful planning and promotion can help make it a fulfilling and enjoyable experience, and mitigate the risk of financial and emotional devastation.


In this latest contribution to MusicThinkTank, Willa Bewes recounts her recent experience embarking on low-budget but nonetheless successful tour, and offers some valuable takeaways from her time on the road.

"Plan Ahead – It’s unsexy but essential. Spreadsheets may even be your friend. Makes lists and tables, double check yourself, plan out the budget and add in wiggle room where money is concerned, always round up the costs. Account for problems for emergencies (flat tire,  getting lost, road block by sheep, etc.) A week or two before the tour check in with all the places you’re staying and all the venues. This will ensure you don’t end up with, for example, no drum kit or no bed."

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