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We Hereby Declare Today National Rickroll Day

April-3109706_1280It’s April Fools’ Day and one of the most consistently popular pranks is the classic “Rickroll” with Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” seeing a big spike every April 1st on YouTube.

Rick Roll April 1 Highlights

  • The iconic song sees a massive spike each year on April 1st, with daily views last year reaching 1.28 million -- a 239% spike compared to its daily average for the year
  • The track earned enough views across YouTube on April 1st, 2018 to be one of the 100 most played songs of the day in the United States
  • April Fools isn’t the only holiday that “Never Gonna Give You Up” sees an uptick of views on YouTube. Last year the song spiked over 75% on New Year’s Eve compared to its average views for the year
  • Despite its April Fools prank status the song remains a hit year round, averaging over 370K views a day so far in 2019
  • The music video for the song has now earned over 540 million views on YouTube