Women In The Mix – Roundtable Of Women Music Producers [Video]

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 7.03.11 AMA recent study from the USC Annenberg's Music Coalition revealed that only two percent of producers are women, as well as only three percent of mixers and engineers. In this round table, a variety of some of the industry's top female producers discuss a plan of action for raising women's profile on the other side of the mixing board.


Guest post from AWAL

A 2018 study conducted by USC Annenberg’s Music Coalition—recently championed by The Recording Academy— concluded that: the male to female ratio across 400 popular songs from that year is 47 to 1, 2 percent of producers are women, and 3 percent are mixers and engineers. Where are the women behind the boards? More importantly, how do those trying to make their mark gain agency to take a shot? In this roundtable, Adrianne Gonzalez (Christina Perri, Aloe Blacc), Charlie McClean (LÉON, Roast Apple), Emily Wright (Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson), MNDR (Mark Ronson, Q-tip), and Suzy Shinn (Panic! At The Disco, Weezer) dig deep, discuss and develop a plan of action. Led by Jamie Kinelski, VP, Creative, the talented women share their experiences, ideas, and palpable passion for change. This is [Mis]Conceptions: where creators set the record straight.

About [Mis]Conceptions: Music is universal. A hit, undeniable. But, as they span languages and locations, evoking emotion and changing culture, some things get lost in translation. The more popular the song, the more misunderstood the creativity behind it. In [Mis]Conceptions: where creators set the record straight” we sit down with some of Kobalt’s most influential songwriters and producers for an exploration of their creative processes—challenges, criticisms, and all.

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