You Just Dropped A New Release, Now What?

It's Friday & You Just Dropped Your New Release  Now What Do You Do_ 0-5 screenshotYou had a great marketing plan leading up to your new release, but do you have a plan on what to do after it's released? "Sadly many small labels significantly cut back their marketing efforts once the album is out," says Music Biz Weekly podcast co-host Michael Brandvold.

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"It is YOUR job to keep the album alive and active," he continues. "It is YOUR job to keep the momentum moving.

The week he discusses why you need to have a plan for after the release and why you will likely have to be the one to build and execute that plan. Michael even shares a GREAT idea that you can do to keep talking about your new release.

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  1. I have started releasing singles rather than albums, to get more visibility. I had also asked my peeps on Facebook to write reviews for my new singles, posting the iTunes link, and instead they post their reviews in the Facebook post. As clear as I’ve tried to make it and as easy as I try to make it for them, they can’t seem to take an extra step and post the review in iTunes which is very frustrating as an artist.
    I have an added challenge as a newlywed artist who has changed my artist name (Clark) to my married name (Cohen), so I’ve got my maiden name artist and my married name artist to try and market. I wish there was a way for me to combine all of my music released under several artist names in one place. What do you recommend?

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