Facebook Engagement Is Falling And There’s No End In Sight

Facebook thumbs downDo you find your Facebook posts getting less and less traction? You're not alone and this time, more than the latest change in algorithms is to blame. User engagement with Facebook is declining and that trend is likely to continue, according to a new report from eMarketer.

image from mondrian.mashable.com

Daily time spent on Facebook declined by 3 minutes among U.S. users in 2018 to 38 minutes per day, according to eMarketer. That is expected to decline to 37 minutes a day by 2020 and remain flat in 2021.

While a few minutes may not seem like a lot, it's a worrying trend for Facebook, who recently said it would stop disclosing metrics for its main app and shift its focus to private interactions. 

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  1. ✓Facebook seems like c lunch in highschool. Hurry, talk,leave
    ✓instagram feels like middle School. Just stare
    ✓Twitter is like elementary school with short window of attention span

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