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Garth Brooks Just Pre-Sold 1 Million $130 Vinyl Box Sets

image from musicrow.comGarth Brooks has pre-sold a record one million vinyl albums of his $130 box set “Legacy Collection.”  In March, Brooks sold over 420,000 in just 18 hours. There was initially a 24 hour window to sell the allotted number of boxed sets, but they were gone in just over 12 hours. Since the demand exceeded supply, Brooks opened another six hour window and then a third.

It will take over eight months to manufacture and hand pack the orders in four countries.

The first 123,199 units will be numbered for fans that pre-ordered the entire collection. They can reserve a personalized number, like an anniversary or birthday, that will be etched onto the side of each boxed set.

“Music is so personal, now, being able to make your package with your most important date on it, makes it even more personal. I have secured my packages with my daughters’ birthdays and my anniversary,” Brooks said.