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How Are Music Festivals Becoming More Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable?

1The onset of summer means it's festival season once again – time for rocking out to your favorite artists and spreading good vibes all around. Unfortunately, good vibes won't be the only things spread around, as festivals typically generate vast amounts of garbage and waste. Here we look at what festivals can and should be doing as they move toward a more sustainable model.


In this recent piece on MusicThinkTank, Sam Bowman explores some important initiatives being taken by festival organizers as they attempt to move toward a greener way of doing business.

"Coachella has also made it a point to promote images of a greener festival. As mentioned in the MTV article, “When people interested in heading to Coachella visited the mega-fest’s website earlier this year, they were first met not with photos of blissed-out kids in cutoffs and shades, but images of the wind-farm fans that greet visitors when they drive through the Coachella Valley into Indio.” Other cutesy gimmicks like phone chargers that are self-powered through riding a bike or are commonly seen through the Coachella grounds."

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