If You Ever Ran Or Contributed To A PledgeMusic Campaign DO THIS NOW!

image from cdn.pixabay.comWith PledgeMusic entering the UK equivalent of bankruptcy and calls for an investigation intensifying, the future of all of the data stored on the platform is seriously in doubt. Whether you are an artist who used the platform to raise funds or a fan who contributed to a campaign, you are urged to download all of your data now. Here is how:

  • If you are an artist that worked with PledgeMusic, sign in and download your contributors and other data here.
  • If you are a fan, download your past release archive here.

Due to volume these downloads might be slower than usual.

MORE: Industry Calls For Gov't Investigation Of PledgeMusic As Crowdfunder Enters Administration

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  1. I noticed that some of the negative comments and even polite questions regarding the status of one campaign which dragged on for four years were deleted. Not certain if editing was by problematic musician or by Pledgemusic. Either way, less evidence of the Tom foolery. I took some screenshots when I noticed the “revisions”.

  2. An artist that was having creative of logistical difficulty completing a campaign is a way different issue than the artists being robbed. Most likely the artist wanted to clean the comments prior to taken action against pledge.
    I’d say leave the artists alone, and keep the fo is on the company.

  3. Why would any artist or pledgemusic need to clean comments before taking action?
    What about transparency?

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