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SOCAN, RE:SOUND Join To Simplify Performance Licensing

image from celebrityaccess.comCanadian performance rights management organization SOCAN and  no-profit music licensing company RE:Sound have launched Entandem, a joint venture aimed at simplifying licensing for retailers, restaurants, nightclubs and other businesses.

The new JV will allow business owners and other organizations that use music to acquire the legally-required licenses for the use of that music with a single transaction

Entandem will administer the licensing process as RE:SOUND and SOCAN do today, allowing songwriters, composers, publishers, labels and performers to collect royalties. Music licenses will continue to be based on agreements with users or tariffs approved by the Copyright Board of Canada.

While Entandem will collect licenses for live performances and the general use of recorded music in public venues, RE:SOUND and SOCAN will continue to administer royalties separately for recorded music, for example on YouTube, social media, radio, television, movies and online streaming services in single-use or as copies, the companies said.

As well, background music suppliers will also continue to obtain licenses directly from RE:SOUND and SOCAN.

“Entandem is all about simplicity,” said Ian MacKay, president of RE:SOUND. “For most businesses that use music, a single licensing organization means a simplified experience, by interacting with one organization instead of two, with one payment for both RE:SOUND and SOCAN music licenses, and one point of contact to answer questions and resolve issues.”

Entandem will have offices in both Toronto and Montreal and will be jointly owned and overseen by RE:SOUND and SOCAN. However, in its day-to-day activities, it will operate separately from the parent organizations, under separate management.


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