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Who Are Your Biggest Fans? Quiz Your Instagram Followers To Find Out

1As part of a great new feature, Instagram is now offering its users a 'quiz' option. Similar to their Question Sticker, this new aspect of the social media platform will allow users to ask multiple choice questions, with up to four answers to choose from.


Guest post by Manager, Interactive Marketing, at The Orchard Ryan Whitman. This article originally appeared on The Daily Rind

Pop quiz: How do you use the new Quiz feature on Instagram Stories? Lucky for you we’re providing the answers this round, so let’s dive in!

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Unlike Instagram’s Question sticker, the Quiz sticker isn’t asking for users to type a response, instead you’re “quizzing” your audience with a question giving them up to 4 answers to choose from.

To use this new sticker, you’ll swipe up on your story or hit the sticker button as usual, and select Quiz. From there: write your question, choose what color to make the quiz box, type in your answers, and select which item is the correct choice. Post your story and watch the answers roll in!

Who’s Your Biggest Fan? Quiz Your Instagram Followers To Find Out

If a user selects the right answer they’ll be treated to some confetti, but if they get it wrong their answer will go red with the correct answer highlighted in green.

Who’s Your Biggest Fan? Quiz Your Instagram Followers To Find Out

Credit: Instagram

Some ideas for this sticker:

  • Ask fans to guess what date your next single is coming out
  • Ask fans to guess the title of your new album or track
  • Quiz fans on fun facts about you or your band
  • Play “who’s most likely” about your bandmates with fans

Last question, am I excited to use this new feature? a.) yes or b.) yes

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