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Will I See You In NYC At A2IM Indie Week June 17-20?

image from www.a2im.orgUPDATED: American Association Of Independent Music's annual Indie Week invades New York City on June 17 – 20. The usually very smart team at A2IM have foolishly invited me to participate on a panel titled Streaming Manipulation "The Ethics of Streaming." I hope to see you there.

The details:

"The Ethics of Streaming"

Streaming manipulation, artificially boosting stream counts in order to improve chart positioning, increase market share, increase royalty payments, or for other non-legitimate purposes, is real. The problem is far-reaching, affecting more than just the Independent community. What can the music and/or tech industries, do to stop this abuse?

Panelists Include:

Louis Posen – Hopeless Records, Moderator 

Markus Tobiassen – Norwegian Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv 

Angel Gambino – Napster

Me – Hypebot, Bandsintown, Skyline Artists Agency

The panel will be held on Tuesday, June 18th @ 12:30PM. More info and buy your tickets here."  

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