Cameo Adds $50M To Deliver Personalized Video Messages From Musicians, Celebrities [and You]

image from starboard-media.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.comCameo has raised a $50 million Series B round to expand its marketplace of famous and not so famous musicians, celebrities and influencers who get paid to create short video message for fans. More than 1000 musicians are already available on the platform.

Ilya Fushman of Kleiner Perkins lead the $50 million round at a reported valuation of $300 million. 

Musicians ranging from Lisa Loeb to Snoop Dogg and Dee Schneider to Lance Bass are among the celebrities charging between $5 and $3000 to record short customized shoutouts to fans. Some give a portion of the fee to charities.

The two year old startup is booming with roughly 100,000 transactions last December alone.  Celebrities produce am average of 2,000 video requests per day.

“People use Cameo as often as they used to go to Hallmark to buy a card,” Galanis told TechCrunch. “We have power users that have literally bought hundreds of these and we have these interesting use cases. A lot of enterprise sales teams are buying these to get in front of a contact that maybe went cold. We are seeing customers using these as job offers.”

All Talent Welcome

Anyone can sign up to offer their services on Cameo, which takes a 25% split: "All of our talent is on the exact same revenue split – 75% talent’s way, with 25% going to Cameo. We handle all payment and processing. In order to be fair to all of our talent, this is a non-negotiable rate."  Each celebrity sets their own price.

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