How To Take Advantage Of Bandsintown Artist VIP Club

1In its ongoing effort to give artists the tools they need to build a comprehensive tour marketing campaign, Bandsintown has launched Bandsintown VIP Club, a co-marketing program that utilizes artist's socials and owned properties to create the ultimate marketing package.


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Guest post by Taylor Irwin of Bandsintown

Bandsintown’s ambition is to equip artists of all sizes with the tools to leverage reach on Bandsintown, artist websites and artist socials to create a comprehensive tour marketing campaign via Bandsintown for Artists. By doing so, artists can better engage their fans to strengthen their conversion funnel and capture data at scale throughout ticketing cycle.

Artists face a range of marketing challenges. They see significant traffic to their own properties but have difficulty capturing core fan data. Part of the artists marketing strategy is to announce ahead of time – Artists are running into issues letting fans know the exact moment when tickets go on sale. Throughout the ticketing cycle artists are leveraging Instagram ineffectively to drive ticket sales. They are missing out on data capture, retargeting opportunities and strengthening in the conversion funnel.

Bandsintown VIP Club is the culmination of our ambition. This exclusive co-marketing program that leverages our approach to data, engagement and activation across the Bandsintown platform. Utilizing Artist’s socials and the Artist’s owned properties to drive a comprehensive marketing campaign to sell more tickets to promote new music and increase fan engagement.

Announcing a tour is as exciting for an artist as it is for their dedicated fanbase. When you join forces with Bandsintown to share the news about the run using our dedicated email campaigns and your Events Landing Page across socials, followers will convert into trackers, who you can re-engage later about album releases, merchandise, anything you want!

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There’s no better way to reward your most passionate fans then by giving them early access to purchase tickets before everyone else.  To ensure this happens, pre-sales are announced across socials with your Bandsintown Events Landing Page.  Encourage fans to track you in order to receive the upcoming pre-sale code.  Then, send the code through Post to Trackers and Post to RSVPs.  It’s like you’re handing it directly to them!  They’ll receive the push notification and email to view in-app.  Not bots, no problems, sell more tickets!

Feel the need to do something special for your fans?  We do!  And need another way to drive tour awareness?  Simply launch a Bandsintown RSVP Sweepstakes to engage your fans in key markets.  Announce the contest on your socials using your Events Landing Page, convert your followers into new trackers and then let us take care of the rest.  Whether it’s for an entire run or a single date we’ll make sure you have everything you need: we’ll create the official rules, send propose messaging, monitor RSVP growth, select and message winners and provide reports. 

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The Events Landing Page allows you to convert Instagram Story links into ticket sales with your own unique smart URL. 

•Tour dates are always in sync

•As easy as copy / pasting

•100% FREE

Share it on Instagram swipe-up, Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else you want as much as you want!  You’ll reach a larger audience, boost ticket sales and gain more RSVPs.

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