Luck Surface Area And How It Can Increase Your Chances Of Success [Jack Udell]

2While luck may, by its very nature, seem like something you can't improve or influence, Jake Udell here takes a different perspective, advising artists on how they can broaden the 'surface area' of their luck.


Guest post by music manager Jake Udell of Art of Manager

How do you increase your chance at getting lucky?

Is that even possible?

Let’s first define the surface area determining your aptitude for luck.

Luck Surface Area = The Action You Take Around Your Passion x The Number of People You Communicate Your Passion To

When you pour your energy into your passion, you become an expert.

Shared expertise is infectious – It attracts the world into your orbit.

Increase your doing, increase your telling, and you will increase your luck. It’s that simple.

Image courtesy of CodusOperandi.com

P.S. Don’t forget success is capable of triggering passion at least just as often as passion is capable of driving success.


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