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Using Technology To Books Shows

2Connecting with your audience and cultivating a meaningful career as an artist is a dream of most performers, but in order to make this happen, you first need to get paid. Here we look at some key tech platforms that can help you book gigs and keep you career moving forward.


Guest post by Brian Jenkins of Gig Salad

At their core, entertaining and performing are human experiences. They create shared moments between an artist and audience that last a lifetime. Every performer works for that connection of joy, inspiration, laughter, or hope. But every performer also likes to get paid!

So take a few tips from our digital overlords, fire up your tablet or cell phone, and use these technological wonders to get more gigs and do what you love!

Master Digital Communication Platforms

Life is lived online. Since the advent of email, text messages, and smartphones, people prefer to make initial and casual contact through digital platforms. Don’t want to admit you’re running late? Send a text. Too shy to say hello? Hit the DMs. Not for you? Swipe left. Digital communication platforms allow anonymity to explore price and quality options without awkward or intimidating face-to-face interaction.

In the gig economy, people reach out through digital tools every day. The buffer that the digital divide provides allows consumers the comfort and space to make their buying decisions with autonomy and without the unpleasant or aggressive hard sell. In fact, studies show that people are far more likely to open a text or direct message than even an email. Consider some of these stats:

  • Texting produces engagement rate 6-8% times higher than emails.
  • The average retail open rate for email marketing is only 22.54%. The average open rate for text message marketing is 99%.
  • 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes.
  • 19% of people will click the URL sent in a text, while only 4.2% of people will click on a URL sent by email.

Your customers are out there and online right now, trying to reach you, so master the most common digital communication platforms for maximum effect:

  1. GigSalad’s booking platform and messaging system. GigSalad’s online messaging system is a critical feature of the booking platform. It allows you safe and secure communication all within the same environment as the booking agreement and payment systems. Event planners who use the mobile app receive alerts on their phone or tablet when you send a message, putting your communication in the same arena as texts or other app notifications. And with the saved messages feature, the GigSalad Inbox is a powerful business tool.
  2. Facebook Pages and Messenger. In 2018, there were 2.3 billion people on Facebook and 1.3 billion on Facebook Messenger. The ubiquitous social media platform towers over all others for information and connection. Make sure you are responding to and utilizing the Messenger platform for your band or business. You can even use auto responses for off-business hours.
  3. Instagram and Twitter Direct Messages. Another popular means of communication for business is the direct message function of their Instagram or Twitter account. Many companies use these as a way to provide customer support, answer questions, or to provide more resources or content. 

Leverage Social Media and Digital Content

Providing quality digital content through social media or online platforms is another powerful way to draw attention to your service or act. Over one billion people are on Instagram, so your feed, story, and IGTV posts can be used as a communication tool (that also shows how good you are)!

Can’t afford a fancy high priced commercial? YouTube reaches more American 18- to 34-year-olds than any TV network. It’s also the second-most popular website on the planet. YouTube is a search engine, and how to videos are amongst the most popular. Why not start a YouTube channel providing how-to tips from your act or industry? 

You don’t even need professional equipment or tools. Now there are incredible apps that make graphic, video, and audio production easier than ever.

  • Social Media Graphics and Images: Apps like Canva and Over offer templates and tools that will make you look like a pro. Free stock image and video services like Unsplash and Pixabay are places to find the content to take your posts to the next level. 
  • Video EditingAdobe Premiere Rush and LumaFusion are video editing platforms designed for tablets and mobile devices. They give you the tools to make high-quality YouTube and social media videos at a fraction of the cost of professional editing suites. 
  • Sound Production: Tools like Garage Band, Hokusai, and Anchor set you up for easy success for audio engineering and podcasting. 

Maintain the Human Touch

Technology is an amazing thing that makes our lives easier and our business more efficient. It is critical, however, to remember that the client/customer relationship is a human one. 70% of people, when it comes to dealing with questions or customer service issues, prefer human interaction to auto-responses.

Leverage technology, don’t rely on it. There will be a moment that a phone call or face-to-face will be more far more effective than your digital presence. Use the tools to raise your profile, draw attention to your talents, and make the initial steps easy and accessible. After that, close the deal with your great customer service skills and get the gig!

Ready to make a living doing what you love?