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When We Sleep Where Do Our Royalties Go? [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 11.14.56 AMDespite numerous advancements in payment tech, it can still take ages for songwriters to see a penny of their earned revenue, and so AWAL, AMRA and Kobalt are teaming up to do something about it.


Guest post from AWAL

You can Venmo your friend money before you finish this sentence. 

So why does it take years for songwriters to get paid? And how much money is lost along the way?

AWAL, AMRA, and Kobalt Music Publishing are part of the same family, and we all share the same mission. Artists’ problems are our problems. Songwriters’ problems are our problems. The traditional collection process for writer performance royalties globally? That’s a problem worth addressing.

Explore this quick glimpse of what Kobalt and AMRA are doing about it. 

AMRA has found more money, faster for its songwriters and publishers. Learn more about what AMRA's up to with a piece written by our friends at Kobalt. 

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